Polo-Manta interior fan upgrade

The standard manta interior fan is very poor even if its working fully.

If its not seized solid then the bearings are often worn which leads to a banshee screaming when its on. This can also increase the load for the wiring and overheat/melt the fuse holder.

To fix this you can replace the motor with one from a newer car.

The mk3 polo is a good source. The motors need stripping out of both assemblies and the manta brackets needs attaching to the new motor body. The polo speed resistor can be trimmed of all its plastics and re-used to control the motor.

I normally use speeds 2 and 4 to give a nice range of air flow. The original wiring and plug is retained from the manta and everything fits back in the original space.

These upgraded fans are offered on an exchange basis for your old fan.

These are normally in stock, available on an exchange basis.

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